Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Brief Explanation

I assume that most people reading this are people who already know me and that I'm in Korea teaching English. I told some of my friends and family members I would start a blog before I left so they could keep tabs on me. When I arrived in Korea, the idea of making a blog about my "adventures in Korea" seemed weird, because I'm primarily here to work. Obviously, I do fun things worth writing about sometimes. But I'm mostly a working stiff.

After a few weeks here, I noticed myself obsessing over snacks. This shouldn't be a surprise for most of you (because, like I said, people who would read this probably know me pretty well already). Anyway, I've been getting into the Korean snacking culture--street food, candy bars, sodas, etc.--and I decided I would be much more motivated to write about Korean snacks than about myself. I do realize a blog about snacks might not be what my friends and relatives had in mind when I told them I might start a blog.

But don't worry, discourse community. Beneath the I-don't-want-to-make-a-dumb-blog-about-myself veneer, there is a young man that aches to talk about himself, and only needed to make a blog that's ostensively about snacks so he could seem blasé about living abroad. I'm sure tidbits about my life in Korea will be (deftly) mixed into my (eloquent) snack write-ups. Think of this blog as Eat Pray Love, but for K-snacks. Except without Italian food and a painfully obvious message about living in The Moment or whatever. Actually, I don't know that much about the aforementioned book/movie. In fact, it kind of seems like the type of movie/book that I would hate enough to quit whichever book club made me read it. So maybe don't think of this as Eat Pray Love (sans entitled middle-aged woman, plus Korean snacks). Maybe think of this blog as On the Road if Kerouac loved snacks as much as pancakes, jazz music, and drugs. That's actually a pretty bad comparison as well. I suppose it's best if you think of me as Liz Lemon in Korea and substitute snacks for sandwiches.

How this will work: I will pick a snack every week or so and write about it. I realize the term snack is flexible, and some of my posts may blur the lines of what you think a snack is. Your understanding of snacks--something you thought was simple--might be challenged and complicated, which is what I want. I honestly hope we all come out of this with a more nuanced take on snacking. To me, a snack is basically any food that isn't a full meal, so don't bust my balls if I showcase a soft drink or something and it doesn't fit your idea of what a snack should be. We're here to grow. I know you all totally care enough about snacks to challenge me about the nature of snacks on my own snack blog, so I figured I'd address the issue early.

Okay so that's it for now. My first snack post should be up pretty soon. I already picked the snack I'll be using, but I want to see if I can get some better photos of it. The ones I took last night were un...great.

If you're reading this blog, you're most likely a loved one or at least someone I like a lot, so I'll take a few KBs to say, "Hi, everything's great. Please email me (, add me on Skype (my username is ty.draper), or chat with me on facebook. If you don't use any of the technology I mentioned, consider this an invitation to join us in the year 2011. We're all having a blast. I love you (or like you a lot), and miss you."